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CPR Training

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Safety NET, LLC in North Carolina, Kentucky and Southern Indiana EMERGENCY TRAINING AT YOUR LOCATION

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Our Classroom is Your Location

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Safety NET, LLC specializes in high quality CPR and Safety certification and training in the Charlotte and Winston-Salem area. We offer CPR, AED, BLS, Bloodborne Pathogens, Heartcode Skills Check-off, First Aid certification & training. The owner of Safety NET, LLC has 25+ years experience dealing with real life emergencies as a firefighter and EMT for the Louisville Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services. 

We Bring Safety Training to You

We have the flexibility to bring the training on-site to your facility. Individuals and groups can take one of our regularly scheduled classess. For five or more students, we will send a certified instructor to your business, facility, school or home. We will provide a class that fits your needs. Read about our list of classes to find a perfect fit to your training schedule.

About Safety NET, LLC


American Heart Association Authorized Training Center

Certified EMTsCertified EMTs
Certified EMTs through the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services and the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services


Classes for non-professionals with little or no medical training.


Classes for employees and emergency response team members in the workplace.

HC Providers

Classes for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

First Aid CLasses

Classes for everyone. Includes General and advanced first aid training.

Our Mission

To help prevent death and injury resulting from an unexpected situation that requires immediate action by improving the knowledge and training of all those in the community, the workplace as well as those in the healthcare profession.

Safety NET offers CPR and safety certification

Safety NET, LLC specializes in high quality CPR and Safety certification and training in the Winston-Salem and Charlotte North Carolina area. Find one of our classesin CPR, AED, BLS, Bloodborne Pathogens & First Aid. Get trained by an American Heart Association (AHA) certified instructor!