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About Safety NET, LLC 704-493-6663 or 336-671-3393

About Safety NET, LLC

704-493-6663 or 502-609-3339

North Carolina and Kentucky/Indiana

On-Site* CPR and Emergency Training for All Classes

* On-site training classes are conducted at client's location

Learn today. Live tomorrow.

Experienced Instructors Bring It to You

Jaracz Swain, Experienced Instructor

Jaracz Swain

Founder and CEO, Safety NET, LLC Certified Instructor

I am a retired Firefighter/EMT of 21 years with the Louisville Fire Department located in Louisville, Kentucky. I retired as a captain of seven years in 2014. I am also certified as a Hazardous Materials Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Safety Instructor in the State of Kentucky, as well as an Instructor of Basic Life Support. I am a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky, where I graduated from Bowling Green High School. I also attended Bowling Green Technical College where I obtained an associates degree in Mechanical Drafting. I moved to the Louisville area in 1992, where I discovered my passion and desire to want to help others. This inspired me to pursue a career as a firefighter. That passion continued through my retirement, upon which led to my development of our company, Safety NET, LLC. This desire to help others is how we developed our adage of "Learn Today. Live Tomorrow."

Fully Insured

We are licensed and insured by Kiely, Hines & Associates.


Safety NET, LLC is a member of the Mooresville-South Iredell Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce in North Carolina.

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Response Time Critical

Emergencies can happen in an instant. How we respond to those emergencies, and the steps taken after they occur, can be the difference between life and death.

Our Commitment

As founder of Safety NET, LLC, Jaracz is committed to providing you with the Necessary Emergency Training needed to administer CPR to family, friends, neighbors & colleagues.

Our Experience

The owner of Safety NET, LLC has 25+ years experience dealing with real life emergencies as a firefighter and EMT for the Louisville Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services. In addition to his experience, he has held his certification as an American Heart Association instructor since 2010.
American Heart Association training

Our Locations

Our service areas are located in the Winston-Salem and Charlotte, North Carolina areas as well as the Louisville, Kentucky and New Albany, Indiana combined area.